what’s your story? when life is hard…

we all have a story worth

“Stories are the creative conversion of life itself into a more powerful, clearer, more meaningful experience. They are the currency of human contact.” — Robert McKee

our life’s narrative…
can we change our story?
do we have a different narrative when
things are going well
and life seems easy….
compared to
when life is hard?

I don’t know about you,
but I find that life is hard…
most of the time.

maintaining relationships
carving out time for people and things
accomplishing daily tasks
and job-related duties
providing for a family
loving on that family
(fill-in what is hard for you…)


this statement is not meant to
be hopeless
or fatalistic
or a statement of despair…
for me, it is truthful and accurate.


does that change my story?
how is my (your) story affected by circumstances
and people?
is there some sort of consistency in the story line?

have you ever wondered
why bad things happen to good people
or why crap happens at all?

could it be that all the crappy parts of your narrative
add to the powerful meaning of your experience?
could it be that life is hard by design?
we are born
we die…
isn’t that the outline of a hard life?

let’s think for a moment about an easy life…

not necessarily filled with things or toys
but with the qualities that really matter
love, justice, humility, mercy
would we have to break a sweat when we worked?
would we complain about what we don’t have?
would we be content?

would we rely solely on ourselves and
have no need for faith or trust?

if that is the case…I don’t want an easy life.

yes, I think life is hard.
yes, I love Jesus.
no, I don’t think
I love Jesus less
or He loves me less
or that my relationship with Him is some how
or messed up.

my story matters
my life-is-hard story
has shaped me into the woman I am today

your story matters…
and maybe yours is a story
with not as many
hard times
or struggles
or questions as mine…
embrace it.
own it.

the day before Easter
I sit and ponder…

what was
what is
what will be

and I wonder
how it was for Mary and Martha
for John and Peter
for Andrew and James…
life was hard
I am sure.
imagine being there…
witnessing the accusations
the torture
the beating
the death

the fulfillment of what was
seeing the bloodied body of the One whom you loved hanging on a cross
hearing cheers
smelling death in the air
and not fully being able to see past the cross
to Sunday morning…


as we sit in the tension
what was
and what is not yet…
we are able to alter our stories a bit…

will life still be hard?
will life still go on?

Behold His holy Son
The Lion and the Lamb given to us
The Word became a man
That my soul should know its Savior – Behold, Hillsong

the story of grace.



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