why bother? it is what it is

it is what it is

what does that mean?
when do I use this phrase?
what do I mean when I say it?

It’s just a short way of saying “this is the reality and we can’t change it, or don’t want to”. – Paul Cutcliffe

this is just the way it is.
there is nothing I can do about it.
I don’t want to do anything about it.
that’s just the way I am.
I might as well suck it up and get on with it.

it is what it is.

so, why bother?

The problem with “It is what it is” is that it abdicates responsibility, shuts down creative problem solving, and concedes defeat.

“It is what it is” is an admission that the problem is too hard and suppresses the attitude that leads to creative, unseen solutions. – found on militaryleader.com

throwing up my hands and declaring that
I can’t do anything about it
I don’t have to take any responsibility
and I also don’t have to even think about a solution

I put off working on that project
and the final product does not
reflect my ability

it is what it is.

I have so many things on my plate
there are not enough hours in the day

it is what it is.

my feelings were hurt
my pride was poked
I don’t really feel valued —

it is what it is.

yeah, God and I have been closer
I can’t seem to
get anything out of my relationship with Him
He seems distant
and silent.
I know that He loves me
and He is not going anywhere…
it’ll get better

it is what it is.

why bother with any of it?
why try to maintain relationships at all?

why attempt to sift through years of
and crud –
nothing is going to change

it is what it is.

what if —
what if our perspective changes
we look at life through changed and fresh eyes

what if we look at things as they could be?
would things be different?
maybe a world of possibilities could start to emerge
a simple square —-
it could be a square, or —-
it could be a baseball diamond, or the frame of a house, or a graduation cap

what it could be…reframes the mind to look for solutions without boundaries – militaryleader.com

solutions without boundaries.

that kind of shatters the
“it is what it is”

because, really
the defeatist attitude that is attached
to that phrase
is kept neatly
packed in a box
that same square that could be so much more
with borders and boundaries
and fences
that are laced with barbed wire
and electricity

we don’t have to even try to scale them
there is danger
there is fear
there is doubt and guilt
and shame

why bother?

if we can try to visualize
that “thing” (whatever it is for you)
without boundaries and borders
and electrified shards of
hurt and pain
and discomfort

do you think that perhaps
we could start to live –

truly live?

as I have been examining 
Lent and what that means in my own life
and trying to figure out where I am 
and who’s there
and why even bother with any of it…

I have been hit
square between the eyes…
with Truth —
and it hurts
it is painful
it is uncomfortable

and it is hope-full.

and I have been called to something higher – Matthew 5:48 (the Voice)
we all have.

think about this with me….

imagine if our Savior
looked at his Dad and said…
“it is what it is.”
or if he uttered those words to
the Enemy in the wilderness
as he was hungry
and tired
and alone
“it is what it is”
or if when accused
“it is what it is”
or if when He looked
at my and my sin
and my separation from Him
and shrugged and
“it is what it is”

what if He was like me?
like you?
like us?

I am so grateful and thankful
that He is not like me, like you
like us.

I am glad that He bothered with grace…

O Your grace so free washes over me
You have made me new, now life begins with You
It’s Your endless love pouring down on us
You have made me new now life begins with You – North Point InsideOut, Death was Arrested


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