who’s there? – who is this?


who is there – truly.
do you even know?

maybe it’s dark
and stormy
and a little scary

you feel all alone
with nowhere to go…

it’s just you.
and you are hiding.

then you hear it…
that squeak
that subtle wisp
that intake of breath.

is that your own movement?
your own inhaling
your own cheep?
could it be?

how do you know?
who are you?

“When I discover who I am, I’ll be free.” – Ralph Ellison

there is some truth to that.

do we sometimes
our true selves
and as a result
are in
enslaved by a false entity?

my friends,

“The exhausting manipulation and control it takes to protect an identity based on circumstances will crush our hearts and hide the best of who we are behind a wall of insecurity.” – Lysa Terkeurst

I think that when we are in the dark places
the brokenness of who we are
we don’t even recognize ourselves

“Maybe wholeness is embracing brokenness as part of your life.” – Ann Voskamp

what?  could it be?

“How can it be? When we’re naked and ashamed and alone in our brokenness, Christ envelops us with His intimate grace. When we’re rejected and abandoned and feel beyond wanting, Jesus cups our face: “Come close, my Beloved.” When we’re dirty and tear-stained and despairing, Jesus Christ is attracted to us and proposes undying love: “All that you’re carrying I take… and all that I am is yours.” How do you ever get over that?” – Ann Voskamp

could this be
who I am?


not alone
not abandoned

have I been here all along?

is this the real me?

is this the real You?

“When You created me, Lord, Your very first thought of me made Your heart explode with a love that set You in pursuit of me. Your love for me was so great that You, the God of the whole universe, went on a personal quest to woo me, adore me, and finally grab hold of me with the whisper, ‘I will never let you go.'” – Lysa Terkeurst

is this journey about
getting to know me
getting to know You

….kind of a re-acquaintance?

is this what prayer is about?
continuing conversation
more about…You
about me

“The Prayer that precedes all other prayer is, may the real me meet the real you.” – C.S. Lewis

so, I think we need to get back to some basics…

so we can know
who’s there
and who this really is.

uncovered grace.

Bring me back to the place
Of forgiveness and grace
I need You, I need Your help
I can’t do this myself – Undo, Rush of Fools



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