God, friendship, and the clearance aisle


what in the world do these 3 things have to do with each other?
from my perspective, kind of a lot.

do you ever think of yourself as being in the clearance aisle…
on sale
worth less than your Manufacturer’s suggested price
waiting to be cleared out and replaced?

I do.
just being honest.

I read recently in a Facebook post, that
hmmm…that is a pretty amazing compliment.
following that, was an inquiry about
“buying a Betsy” in the store.
this got me thinking…
what aisle would you find “me”?
cookies or candy or baking? (always look for me here)
cleaning supplies?
health and beauty? (least likely to be here)
……and my first thought about myself was the “clearance” aisle


what does that really look like?
what does that really mean?
I think of words like…

what does friendship with God look like?
really – what does that look like?
does our view of God change if we see Him as a friend?

we have expectations of friends, right?
we take our friends for granted
we get frustrated, or annoyed
or need time away from them
or need time with them
or we view them through our lens of
selfishness and pride

do we view God through this same (or similar lens)?
with expectations?
with a sense of taking Him for granted?
are we often frustrated or annoyed
or do we need to be alone at times, or with Him at times?
are we selfish and prideful when we look at Him?

and then, what does it mean to fall in love with Jesus…??


Think higher.  Feel deeper. – Elie Wiesel

what has kind of spurred these thoughts is
a song by Natalie Grant, King of the World

I tried to fit you in the walls inside my mind
I try to keep you safely in between the lines
I try to put you in the box that I’ve designed
I try to pull you down so we are eye to eye

there has to be a balance, right?
falling in love with and friendship with Jesus
and remembering that He is the King of the world..
what does that truly look like?
have we often times put ourselves on the same level as God
in order to have a relationship with Him?
have we sort of brought him down to our level
so that we can relate to Him?

have we forgotten Who He really is?


so, God – Friendship – Clearance Aisle

working in reverse order…

although I might consider myself to be located in the clearance aisle
(even more likely in a clearance bin)
this is false.
created by the King of the World,
I am enough.  You are enough.

friendship is a truly delicious thing
highly pleasing to the senses
I am going so far as to say that it is through
our friendships that we truly experience faith…
belief without the use of our senses
friendship hits us in the feels
friendship with God is possible
even necessary if we are to love others as ourselves
and be willing to die for them (see John 15)

so, the link, the golden thread if you will, that connects
these three things
is kind of simple, really.

our worth is not determined by
our family
our friends
our mistakes
our lens through which we look at ourselves
our careers
our gender
our education
our…(you fill in the blank)

we have been created, my friends,
by the King of the World
by the One who calls us friends

and He thinks that we are priceless

I am not sure that #everyoneneedsaBetsy
I do know that God has set all of my life in motion
that He’s got my back

and that He calls me friend.

priceless grace.




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