corrective lenses


…this is a continuation of thoughts from common core

I have worn glasses since I was in grade school.
I mostly wear my contact lenses now, but need reading glasses to help
with the fine print and details.

corrective lenses.

a prescription specific to my need
one lens slightly different from the other;
one eye needing more correction than the other.

viewing through a lens…
all of my experiences
my gender
my race
my ethnicity
my opinions
my education
my Biblical interpretation
my relationships
my political views
my view of God…
are all influencing the image (thought, opinion, person, feeling) that I see

is it enhanced?
still out of focus?

for example…
fact:  I am 43-year-old single white female
who lives with her dad
no husband
no boyfriend – current or prospective
no children
who is still figuring out who she wants to be when she grows up

lens:  still a 43-year-old single white female
who seemingly has more than 24 hours in her day because..

she has no “significant other” or no children and still lives at home

who is somehow “less than” because of those things
who is not taken as seriously because of those things
who is not seen as being “an adult” because of those things

—-that’s my lens.
through that, I view almost everything.
not only do I view outwardly (from my perspective)
my lens has been so attached that I reckon that is how I am viewed by others

does this lens need correcting??
is there some truth in that perspective?
maybe, maybe not.

if I take that example of truly how I see
and how I think I am seen,
how far does this go?

does it affect
how I view God
how He looks at me
how I view friendship
how friends look at me
how I view current events
how I think they impact me
how I view my job
how my job, and job performance, influence me
how I interpret what I read
how I interpret what I say
how I interpret what is said to me?

are you following what I am saying here?

corrective lenses…
to blur the lines that really do need blurred

the ways in which I don’t see myself as a princess of the King
how I often think that I am not enough, that I am indeed “less than”

(because honestly, those lines, those words, are often crystal clear)

corrective lenses…
to enhance the Truth

corrective lenses…
to enlarge the good and the positive in people

corrective lenses…
to focus on what is truly important

corrective lenses…
to clarify my misinterpretations

corrective lenses…
so that I may see with clarity

and meditate “on things true, noble, reputable, authentic, compelling, gracious — the best, not the worst; the beautiful, not the ugly; things to praise, not things to curse.” – Philippians 4:8 (MSG)

what if…
I looked at, viewed, saw
these things differently —

the same-sex couple
the woman who had an abortion
the person with a drug and/or alcohol addiction
the personal experiencing mental illness
those who are in physical bondage and slavery
the person who identifies as lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender, queer, or are questioning their sexuality
the person who does not respect their spouse
the person who is living on the streets
my neighbor who lives alone
my coworker who is being abused
the student who feels shame and rejection everyday
the church member who lives with depression and anxiety
my virtual Facebook friend who has a different opinion than me…

through a corrected lens?

what if I am not longer blinded by


what if the commonality of all of these things…me…

all of my life experiences
all of my notions of justice and fairness
and equality and inequality
of right and wrong
morality and immorality
all of my relationships
and loyalties
converge with those things above
through a corrected lens?

the image, the issue, the debate
look different to me?

would I see myself differently?



fresh eyes
open mind
soft heart
…could this be a prescription for corrective lenses?

grace, mercy, love.




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