embracing imperfections

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image found at whoisdanfonesca.com


do I really need to define these?  you know what they are…
you look at yours everyday
you despise yours often
you cover-up
you hide
you mask

those things which you see
the new pimple (oh, how I wish I had outgrown them!)
the scar on your collarbone…a reminder of tragedy and triumph
your chest riddled with reminders of shattered glass
the barely visible “point of impact”

the things you can’t see…but you feel
the imperfections
the “if only”s
the comparisons
and inadequacies
struggles and things that are hard to let go

we all have them

I wonder if….
I could look at those things
those blemishes, those defects,
those imperfections
that tend to define me, at least for moments
through a different lens
and see them as

“Not blemishes. Adornments.” — Ian McEwan

to embrace them
to decorate them
to be proud to have survived in spite of them

for those imperfections
seen and felt
make me who I am.
and yours make you who you are.

“Our imperfections make us human and our humanity makes us influential”.  – Josh Shipp


my story is my story
just like your story is owned by you

Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing we will ever do. – Brene Brown

all so very different
and yet
full of imperfections and blemishes
that allow us to be
used and molded
to make a difference

you are influential.

that is a true statement.
I was told by a lady that was reading my book that it was so good that she couldn’t put it down.

could it be that what she sees as an adornment (something that adds attractiveness) I still see as a blemish (a flaw)?

what if…
the imperfections
and the flaws
and the scars
and the blemishes
were truly adornments….adding to the attractiveness of our character and the core of who we are?

what if…
we embraced the love that God pours out
we called the things that we believe about ourselves

that because we make a mistake, we are a mistake
that just because we have screwed up, that we are screw-ups
that just because we have failed, we are failures
that just because we have done something terrible, that we are terrible (again, from John Shipp)

called them out for what they truly are….and they are LIES

what if this day
this first day of a new year
this morning of new mercies
I decide that 2017 is going to be different…

“And now we welcome the new year, full of things that have never been”
— Rainer Maria Rilke

could this be the year,
the month
the day
the week
the hour
the minute
the second
that I embrace my story – filled with my imperfections
and love myself through that process?
could I have new eyes
to see my blemishes differently?

could this be the year that I embrace
those things which I see as imperfections and limitations
and truly view them differently…

you are loved beyond measure
though we are incomplete, God loves us completely.
though we are imperfect, God loves us perfectly.
though we may feel lost and without compass,
God’s love encompasses us completely.
He loves every one of us
even those who are
or broken. – author unknown

could this be the moment?

brave, limitless, grace


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