a thrill of hope


the thrill of hope…???

hope – the expectation of something we desire

thrill – a sudden feeling of excitement and pleasure

could it be
that the thrill of hope
is a sudden feeling of perhaps overwhelming warmth and peace and comfort for Someone that we need and is missing in our lives
but that we don’t even know that we need Him?

could it be
that when the weary world rejoices
it is because we know that the thing for which we have been
searching and seeking and yearning
has finally arrived?

I don’t know about you
but I am part of the weary world…

am I rejoicing today?
have I been waiting in expectation?
have I been still and calm enough
to make room?
to make space for the arrival,
for that which my soul has been craving?

in my waiting, have I made room?

Expecting Me?
Can you make room?
Like Mary, open your womb; give me refuge, make living space within.

…willing souls make a difference
People courageous enough to resist death-dealing,
to starve the fear,
and consecrate space for holiness

Life begetting life
New breath
Fresh eyes

…I am expecting you
Make room beloved, there is more than enough – Kari Ann Hall

have I made room this Christmas
for Christ to live in my space – whatever that may look like
(and honestly, my friends, my space isn’t decorated to the hilt, nor is it clutter-free, and it isn’t always welcoming)

my space has stuff –
disappointment, sadness, uncertainty, saltiness
mixed with
contentment, excitement, thankfulness, and a sprinkle of grace

does Jesus have room?
am I embracing the thrill of hope?

Jesus is expecting us…






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