a.h.h. …the ponderment of crazy deep things

When I started this blog roughly five years ago, I intended to use it as a platform of sorts to ponder the deeper things of life.  And I think I have done just that.  Sometimes, I go months between blogs (and I guess one could then surmise that I don’t have as many deep thoughts as perhaps I think I do).  I don’t know how writers are supposed to write, I just know how it works for me.  I get this idea or thought that I simply can’t get rid of.  Over and over in my head it tumbles.  The questions.  “Round and round…where it stops nobody knows” kind of thought.  Sometimes it’s a phrase I hear, or I discover a new way of looking at something.

this is one of those things.

for one moment, I am going to take us on a journey into the brain.
I promise to keep it simple, mostly because it has to be simple for me to understand it.

so there is this system in the brain called the limbic system.
this system controls our emotional center, if you will
there are 3 main components of this system – the Amygdala, the Hypothalamus, and the Hippocampus
(hence the a.h.h. in the title)
I recently heard a presentation on trauma (hint: the tumbling thought) where this was plainly explained.
thanks to Missy McClain, I am going to try to explain it here.

the Amygdala is kind of like the robot in Lost In Space – “danger, will robinson”
this is kind of like our emergency alert system…

that signal is then sent to the Hypothalamus, which prepares our body for what is next
rapid heartbeat, difficulty breathing, sweating…
(picture a fierce personal trainer)

then, the Hippocampus is kind of like our body’s filing system
our memories are stored here…

so when the emergency alert system goes off and the personal trainer is getting us ready
this part of the brain sorts through our stored files to locate how we responded previously
kind of like looking through a really long filing cabinet drawer

and then our body reacts.

note that all of this happens in the time in takes for us to take a sharp intake of breath.
that quickly.

and our body reacts in such a way as to return us to how we were before the “danger” happened

still with me?

“danger…ok body, get ready…here’s what happened last time…reaction”

the simplified version.

so then I heard something on the radio…and started thinking about the Limbic System and Adam and Eve and Jesus and such things.

we were created by God (with a.h.h.) and in God’s image (Holy)
stick with me…
so, if we were created Holy, and Choice entered in which disrupted the limbic system and homeostasis
I started thinking that every action we take, or every reaction we have
is trying to return us to that state of homeostasis, of balance, of equilibrium

making sense?
let me make sure.

God wants us, even tells us, to be Holy as he is Holy.
loosely, in a state of homeostasis

along the way, we mess that up.
sometimes we enter into dangerous thoughts or actions
and sometimes we ignore the warning
our bodies have varied reactions to that danger
all the while, we have this inner pull (perchance the Holy Spirit)
to return us to the way we used to be

yes, we have a personal responsibility in this
yes, we are accountable for our actions
yes, we are called to confess
and repent
and change
yes, yes, yes

I am not negating the Gospel
that the whole notion of holiness
of homeostasis, if you will
is only possible through grace

what if we have put a big theological word on that (sanctification)
to kind of make ourselves think that we have to “do” something else
to “be” someone else

what if that is not the case?
what if how we live, and how we act, and what we think, are all ways in which we are returning to the people we were created to be?
what if we are just returning to a state of holiness (of being Holy)?

anyone else with me on this?

maybe it is just me…and that’s ok
if you are reading this, thanks
if you have any reaction to this, let me know.

until then…
my crazy brain and I will be working on balance and equilibrium
while thinking about deep things

the mystery of beautiful grace…

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September 2016