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what is your story?
how have you survived?

sometimes, I realize that we think that our story isn’t dramatic
to be
listened to
make a difference
or even that it matters.

“…the drama of the ordinary because it is unfolding and evolving every day and thus is not often seen or appreciated by individuals.   It is veiled in ordinariness.” – Gysbers, Heppner, and Johnston

your story matters.
you matter.

so often, we don’t hear those words spoken
see those words lived out
feel those words deep in our gut
taste the sweetness
or we aren’t able to touch anything tangible to bring them to life.

but, you might say, I am a mess.
I am confused.
I am just ordinary.

oh my friend.  that is the beauty of it all!

Embrace the glorious mess you are. – Elizabeth Gilbert

embrace your story.
embrace your mess.

God knows exactly what makes up your glorious mess

You know me inside and out,
    you know every bone in my body;
You know exactly how I was made, bit by bit,
    how I was sculpted from nothing into something. Psalm 139:15 (MSG)


but, you don’t know what I have done
what I have been through
what has happened to me…

you are correct.  I don’t know.
I don’t know your brokenness, fear, anger, shame, sin and hate.
I do know mine.

and I can tell you that you matter, your story matters, because I matter, and my story matters.
it has taken me the better part of my life to come to that realization and embrace it.
I still struggle with this….
a lot.

but of this I am sure…

the headlines are full of terrorism
full of scandal
full of brokenness
full of shame
full of deceit…

but, believe it or not…
those people involved in those stories
and those living out those headlines matter.
their story matters.

Caitlyn matters.
Josh Duggar matters.
the un-named, hurting mother matters.
the newlywed same-sex couple matters.

we may not agree or even understand things or people
but their story matters.

think of your own narrative, your own story…
has it worked out just as you had planned?
have you faced adversity?
have you been broken
full of shame

are you living God’s narrative for your life?

“God’s narrative for our lives is different from the ones we may construct out of fear or insecurity.  The realization of God’s narrative isn’t contingent on our level of belief in the truth of the narrative.
Lean into that.” – Dr. Tony Donofrio

God knows us inside out.
God knows our story.
God has written our story.

I have had the extreme privilege to sit across from some fantastic young folks
and listen to their stories
to help them carry their brokenness and shame
and verbalize to them that
they matter
they are courageous
and to help instill in them some hope.

not to sit in judgment or condemnation
or shake my head and wag my finger at them

but to strive to violently love them

(for more about the violence of love,
they matter
they are important
and let me speak truth into your situation today…

you are important.
you matter.

share your story.

a scoop of grace…


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