not according to recipe

Black Midnight Cake 002

have you ever followed a recipe to a tee and it flopped?
have you ever made taste adjustments to a recipe?
have you ever eaten something and wanted the recipe?

if you ask me for a recipe…you’ll be met with some silence.
I like to embellish and detract from recipes and create dishes suited to my own taste…
I cook as much with sight (reading) as I do with taste, smell, and touch.

I enjoy watching Chopped, on the Food Network.
3 chefs go head-to-head in a cooking battle
their challenge is to take a mystery basket of ingredients and turn them into a dish that is judged on their creativity, presentation, and taste with minimal time to plan and execute.
how exciting!

and, of course, as I am wont to do, I perhaps think too deeply about ordinary things…
I am thinking that we are all given this basket of ingredients, if you will…or maybe a toolbox…of what is necessary, or needed to live our lives…
we take the things out, rearrange them, maneuver them, mold them, shape them
“cook” with them
to create the “recipe” or the plan, or the action steps
to live, to help, to listen, to love, to foster, to “eat”….

and yet…most of the ingredients are similar
but the final “dishes” can be so unique and different

but, does that really make one meal better than another?
isn’t there more than one way to prepare, to use, the ingredients?

do we (I) at times think that my way, my preparation, is the best way?
that my “dish” tastes better and looks better and smells better?

that idea and notion needs to put on the chopping block…

often our lives don’t go according to recipe…but isn’t that OK?


The wrong kind of passion can be a dangerous thing. Too often people are ruled by strong emotions, thoughts that cannot be checked, and actions that cannot be controlled. If that’s the case, then you are putting your life and well-being in jeopardy. Peace of mind, tranquility of soul, and serenity of heart become the recipe for a long, happy life. – Proverbs 14:31 (the Voice)

grace – the main ingredient


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