appetite for distraction


to be honest, I don’t know much (if anything really) about “The Hunger Games”…
yes, I am using the logo….
yes, I attempted a play on the movie title…
but, this post has nothing to do with the movie or the plot or the characters…
sorry 😉

in this season of Lent, many folks are
getting healthy
giving up this…
giving up that…

why do we do that?
why do we choose 40 days out of the year to change our lives?

what happens on day 41????

so many times…
giving up something
in order
to curb my
for food, for electronics, for meaningful connections
for caffeine, for “stuff”

but for what reason?
Lent isn’t about forfeiting as much as it’s about formation.” – Ann Voskamp

so what good is giving up chocolate if I don’t really crave God?
what is the point of depriving myself of caffeine if I don’t get energized by being in the presence of God?
if I forfeit things just for the sake of “doing Lent” then what’s the point?
where is the change?
where is the transformation?

then, Lent becomes a sort of “hunger game”…
for 40 days…then you win!!

consumed for that time with
what I am sacrificing
not so much the benefit of spending time with God

do we spend time with God?
do I spend time with God?

I seem to have more of an
appetite for distraction…
to fill the empty parts with things that take my focus off of my relationship with God
whether it is
what I have given up for Lent
or the class I have to read for
or the paper I have to write
or the down time that I am entitled to
or just not “feeling it”

pretty shallow, I think.

don’t misunderstand me, please.
there are things that must be done…
there is time that we really do need to take and rest and relax…
there is benefit in celebrating the season of Lent.

but, when those things distract me,
become a preoccupation
or an interruption in my life…
then what satisfies my hunger??

how does my life transformed ever become a reality??
You’re blessed when you’ve worked up a good appetite for God. He’s food and drink in the best meal you’ll ever eat. – Matthew 5:6 (MSG)
being transformed by grace…


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