on being brave…

winnie the pooh


/breɪv/ [breyv]

possessing or exhibiting courage or courageous endurance.
  • adventurous
  • audacious
  • confident
  • daring
  • fearless
  • gallant
  • gutsy
  • resolute
  • spirited
  • spunky
  • strong
  • valiant
  • chin-up
  • firm
  • stalwart
  • chivalrous
  • dauntless
  • gritty
  • plucky
  • unabashed
  • unafraid
  • unblenching
  • undaunted
  • venturesome


am I brave??
am I truly braver than I believe?

so often I feel exposed and unguarded
not safe
and I battle within myself to stay
protected and strong

but could that very thing that exposes me
that vulnerability
actually be bravery?

“Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage.” – Brene Brown

could it be courageous??

I have begun this new venture in my life
not only in following a calling that found me
but also in rediscovering who I am…
meshing the protected with the free
the guarded with the unrestrained
the courage with the ability

owning my story.

“I now see how owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do.” – Brene Brown

a friend of mine recently told me…”you are brave, courageous, and wise”
I actually dismissed that…

how could I be?
I am laid wide open…
my heart pumping and beating…
my thoughts exposed…
my weaknesses revealed…

you are braver than you believe…”

by walking on this journey…
“a long obedience in the same direction” (Eugene Peterson)
I am finding that I am braver that I believe
that things I thought were impossible are truly possible
that limitations are non-existent

The way it always was
                    Is no longer good enough – Nichole Nordeman, Brave

I may not always feel brave, but that doesn’t mean that I am not.

Listen, stay alert, stand tall in the faith, be courageous, and be strong. – 1 Corinthians 6:13 (the Voice)

I cannot be strong, courageous, brave on my own…
been there
done that

“My grace is enough to cover and sustain you. My power is made perfect in weakness.” … when I am at my weakest, He makes me strong. – 2 Corinthians 12:8b, 10b (the Voice)

so, maybe I am brave…
but only because of the power of Christ.

Jesus, how I need your grace…to cover me, to transform me, to empower me, to strengthen me…may I trust You more.

plucky grace…



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