only God

only God
a sunrise….after a gloomy night
a sunset…to end a glorious day
the cry of a newborn baby…
the warmth and comfort of a snuggle…
that impossible answer to a complicated prayer…
an incomparable friend…

the source of all of these things?

I recently read an article in The Dynamo, a publication of the University of Mount Union.  The title of the article was Mel Mason, Her Only God Story.
Of course, it caught my attention (frankly, because you don’t hear “God” mentioned positively on a university campus).
Not far into the article, I realized that Mel and I have something in common…two things.
1.  we love Jesus
2.  we were both in horrible car accidents (check out the post awake to read more of my journey)

To summarize the article, Mel was hit by a drunk driver leaving her car completely totaled and left her with serious injuries….a dislocated elbow, nerve damaged hand, right and left femurs broken, a brain injury…
She now shares her story, her only God story, to bring to awareness to the problem of drinking and driving.
(She is now on the road to recovery…”now I am walking gracefully with hardly any assistance.  Hopefully, I will be running again by October!
I encourage you to connect with her on Facebook, and learn more about her and her story.)

Although our stories are different, both of us have had the privilege of seeing God’s miracle of healing in our own lives.
…the pains of rehabilitation and the joys of recovery

Mel Mason…God worked a miracle in her life.
Healing has begun.
She has a message….
My life was changed forever because of one man’s selfish choice.” – Melinda Mason

thank you Mel Mason for allowing us to be a witness through your tragedy of God’s unfailing and complete grace.

and together with her, we have a message…
we can say:
My life was changed forever because of one man’s choice of obedience.

only God..

can heal
bring restoration
be our peace
be our Savior
perform miracles.
can be our God, so we can just be ourselves.

only Grace…


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