the facade

the illusion of something…deception
a façade



it appeared so real….so genuine…so true
a wall of protection

“Real is what you believe, even if what you believe does not exist.” – William Paul Young, Crossroads

I believed it was real
but…what was “real” did not exist – it was a façade
a deception…an illusion

the wall that I have built around my heart, around my emotions
in an attempt to protect them and keep them safe
….it does not exist

oh…my head created it and it was real to me, because I believed it existed

I have been living in this
for way too long.

and in the process, the very long and arduous process
of keeping my
head and
I have missed out on so much!

the full life that has been promised to me, to us, has been nothing more than a concept to me
my head fully believed it
well, believed it for you…
and now..
now that I am aware that the wall of separation and division has been
a fake
the possibilities of abundance are endless!!

The thief approaches with malicious intent, looking to steal, slaughter, and destroy; I came to give life with joy and abundance. – John 10:10 (the Voice)

I am learning so much about who I am…not just Whose I am.

unknowingly, I have been running from me
building facades

demolition has begun
the pieces and parts are falling away
this chiseled jar of clay is being unearthed

it scares my socks off!!
but, I know that there has to be joy in the journey…

it’s time to live with abandon!!

razing with grace…


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