you had me at “free”

Free Communication Weekend
Dr. Neil Clark Warren….yep, you had me at ‘free’.

new ventures
new outlook
new things to scare me to death
new territories


all of those things happened
I joined eHarmony.

yes, I know…shock of the decade!!

I kind of feel like I’m on the Bachelorette – only without all the drama and awkward situations

the thing people notice about me first is…..
my top 3 life skills are…
what sports do you enjoy playing… (LOL!)

I’ve not seriously thought about if I’d date someone:
who has children already
was of a different ethnic origin than I
who has pets (I am allergic to anything with fur)
etc, etc, etc…

well, now I am thinking about those things.

of course, having caught my attention with “free” means that I am doing all of this questioning – sight unseen
no photos (unless I update and fork out some moolah)


and no, the timing of this has not been lost on me
not only is today July 4th, Independence Day, but I also have been on this major, enlightening and revealing journey and the freedom for me just to be open myself up s…. beyond words

where will this lead?
of course to a perfect match within 24 hours
marriage by age 41
kids not long after
and life happily ever after!!

ahem…I mean
I don’t have the foggiest idea

maybe no where
maybe to the “man of my dreams” (whatever that means)

and maybe just living
trusting myself
all parts of me communicating
feeling protected
and free

who knows….maybe I will see fireworks?!Fireworks

gracefully free….


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