shades of grey

get your attention?
no…I am not going to talk about the book – I haven’t even read it, nor do I have the desire to.

I was challenged today…in my thinking, my outlook, my worldview
I see things as black and white – – that’s what I’m supposed to do, right?

lightbulbthen….the light bulb!
my thinking has been consumed with the “black-and-white” – obey or not obey – believe or not believe – truth or not truth – – and while I am not abandoning that thinking entirely, the challenge came to think outside of my black and white box and into the grey

so, perhaps a more apropos title for this would be…”what is black and white and grey all over?”black_white_flowers_grey_

the grey….
the mundane…
the everyday life…
the crud…
the ups and downs…
the good and the bad…
the weeds among the flowers…
the arid and the fertile…
that’s where we live!  in the grey…so, wouldn’t Jesus meet us in the grey??

God is not calling us into his grace to a life of black and white morality and simplicity. He is calling us to the messy business of relationships. – Antwuan Malone

many times I have said that the Gospel is simple…but it’s not easy.
although I believe that in its entirety, the Gospel is simple.
but, what about the grey? where we live and breathe
what about the questions?  (and we all know I have voiced my share)
where do they fit in a black-and-white worldview?

there isn’t room

as I have been processing things lately, I have tried to fit everything neatly into my “God-box”…


except, things are not just black and white for me anymore.
the simple and the complex have meshed into this unknown territory for me…
yearning…craving…not settling…

looking at God-things differently…
“To experience God is to live in simplexity, an unfathomable mystery of absolute sobriety and almost giddy intoxication. To know God is not to banish mystery, but deepen it” – Leonard Sweet, Viral

simplexity…I like it!
(go ahead look it up…)
simple and complex – and maybe that captures what I have been meaning all along
but, the meat, the mystery of what that means…is fascinating to me

I am still working through this thought….
but being called into the messy business of relationships means not only living in the grey but admitting that it exists and is redeemable…
after all, isn’t that where Jesus spent His time?

so, what is black and white and grey all over?
my life.

…grace and simplexity


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