on being vulnerable

vulnerable – susceptible to being wounded or attackedvulnerable

it’s risky.

seems easier to be closed and guarded, safe and secure

but that’s what happens when we engage others, right?
we risk being hurt, being wounded, being exposed…

I read this today:

“Fear tells me to run away from connection.

Vulnerability dares me to run towards it.” – Emily Freeman


several weeks ago, I would have said that we need connection, we have to risk the rejection and the hurt.

although today I still say we need connection, experience tells me to be careful.
fear does tell me to run away, or at least to not engage.
today, I feel the insecurity and exposure and rawness that vulnerability brings.

today, I am weighing the risks.
does being exposed outweigh the risk of feeling abandoned?
does being open outweigh the risk of feeling shut down and shut out?

in one fell swoop, the risk can be an uncertain venture.

risking grace…


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