today marks the beginning of a new year…and more poignant is that today is a new day; it’s a Tuesday.
i was pondering last night how much value we put in January 1 – a time to start fresh, to begin the diet…again, to make new commitments to God, to have great plans and goals for the next 365 days – you know the list.
but, realistically, isn’t today a new day…period?
it’s a day, yes, to reflect and want to see change in our lives, but do we see today, New Year’s Day, as having some ‘magical’ power – that things will automatically be different for us with the turning of the calendar?

for so long, i’ve held onto the ‘magic’ of today…the clean slate if you will.
i resolve to do things…to eat better, to move more, to reconnect with God, to do this, to do that.
but, then January 2 comes…and the next day….and the next month…and life happens.
and as i look back on my years of the trend, am i any further ahead? am i any healthier? am i connected with God on a daily basis?

are you just tired of things being the same year after year, day after day?
the same thoughts creep back…thoughts you got rid of years ago.
the same actions show up unexpectedly…actions you were sure you were no longer keeping you in bondage.
the consistent pattern in relationships.
the feelings, the longings, the self-defeating attitudes…

i’m exhausted.
knowing that those thoughts, feelings, and actions have no room in my life, and yet there they are.
knowing that God is bigger than all of it.
knowing that i am made for more.
knowing that God’s Word shows me, clearly, that i am loved, cherished, chosen, redeemed and clothed with newness.

this new year, this new day…may it be a time of rediscovery.
of who i am.
of Whose i am.

how about you?

When the road is winding through the darkness
And the load is heavy as your heart is now
And you’re full of doubt

When your prayers are crashing into silence
And your scared that everything you’re crying out
Is gonna hit the ground.

Every night is holding back a sunrise
Every storm is shadowing a blue sky
I know it’s hard when there’s nothing that you can do
So let mercy hold you
– Jason Crabb



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  1. Kim Davidson
    Jan 01, 2013 @ 13:44:54

    Great thought. I am struck at how the same thing came to me this morning. I am sure God has put something within his people and is trying to fan the fire to burn into a consuming fire. Let this be the year that flame burn out of control.


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