now i know

Does what I know change my life? – Leigh McLeroy, Wednesday Words

Not to be conceited or vain, but I happen to know a lot of stuff.  So do you.

To name a few:
I know how to: tie my shoes, ride a bike, balance a checkbook, drive a car, waste time on the computer…

Does my knowledge of those things change my life?  Well, I would definitely say that they effect my life, and in a round about way do change my life.  But what knowledge brings about change in my life?  The knowledge of truth – perceived or real – facilitates change.
As the great theologian, G.I. Joe says :”Now I know, and knowing is half the battle.”
So, if we just simply know, we can only win half the time?  What is the other half?
What do we do with that knowledge so that it make a difference?

Could the other part of the battle be applying that knowledge?

What if I know things about God, important things, and yet do not put them into practice, or apply them?
Does only half the battle get fought?

Lord, help me to be so into You, so a part of You, that I forget who I am, and only know who You are.  Help me to know You – fully.



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