truth decay

So, I went to the dentist this morning.  No big deal.  Get my teeth cleaned, maybe some x-rays, and I’ll be good to go…right?  Boy was I wrong.  I walked out of there, knowing that I’ll have a hefty bill tomorrow when I return for my four, that’s right, four fillings!!  What?!  I had 4 fillings last year.  I go years without any tooth trouble…and then 8 cavities??
Needless to say, I am not a happy camper today.  I feel like I am a poor ‘brusher’, or that I neglect my teeth.  I brush at least 3 times a day and floss daily.
….4 new cavities??!!   Really?
My penchant for acidic coffee has caught up with my teeth.
Granted, they are just ‘pits’, but cavities in need of filling, nonetheless.

Then I wonder….
If I went to God this morning for a checkup of my spiritual teeth, what would he find?  Would there be pits and cavities that only He can fill?
Maybe my response would be the same….”But, I read my Bible, I go to church, love God…how could I have cavities?”

Ah…yes.  I can and often do have cavities, pits that need filled.  Sometimes despite my efforts, I have areas of decay – areas that need filled by the love and compassion and forgiveness that only God can give.
I can ‘do’ all the ‘right’ things.  I can follow the ‘rules.’  But, those things don’t guarantee a cavity-free life.  It is only with the invading presence of the Holy Spirit in my life, the forgiveness that comes from Jesus, and the all-encompassing love of God that a ‘cavity-free’ life is possible.  Even the ‘pits’ that we have, the ones that haven’t decayed into full-blown deep cavities, need to be addressed and taken care of by the ultimate ‘filler’.

The source of the pits?
what we read…what we listen to…what we hear…the conversations we involve ourselves in…sin…complacency…lies from the Enemy…
All of these things, if left unattended and unchecked, can lead to Truth decay.

We have to let Jesus brush the crud off, rinse with Living Water, allow the Holy Spirit to floss the in between spaces, and have regular check-ups with God to see how we’re doing.  He can see way beyond the surface to the root cause of the pain or the pit or the cavity and can begin the process of examination and filling the pits.
The end result of the process is the ability to chew and gnaw on God’s truth.

We can either let the cavities grow and become deeper and closer to the root or we can allow them to be filled when they are first noticed and pointed out so that they do not lead to ‘truth decay.’

How about you?
Do you have some cavities that need filled?  Is the truth you know being decayed?
Maybe you need a check-up today.
God is available…no appointments necessary.




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