time of refreshing…

Have you ever needed to just have time…time to rest, time to relax, time to reconnect with God?  Well, I was well passed that place, and i have just returned from such a time!

I arrived in Berlin, Ohio at the Pine Cove Lodge on Friday afternoon.  The Rose Garden Suite was cozy and quaint and just right for me.  I did not take my laptop with me, and to my pleasant surprise, I did not have any cell service either!  I was technology free, except for the television.

Ahh…what to do?  Shop?  Eat?  hmm…  I decided to drive until I got into cell phone range, and call home and let everyone know that I had arrived safely.  On my way through Berlin, I passed a coffee shop.  And for those who know me, know that I also have a penchant for coffee, as well as for music.  So, a latte it was at JavaJo Coffee Bar.   Such a great place in the heart of Amish country.

I chose to return to my room and just be quiet and relax.
A storm was brewing outside, lightning was flashing and the wind was picking up.

Lying on the bed, cozying up with my nonfat latte, with my heart opened to hear from God.  That is what this weekend was about, right?

As the evening waxed on, the wind got stronger, the thunder rumbled longer and louder, and the voice of God seemed to be absent in my heart.  What?  This was supposed to be a time of refreshing…now that I am here, I can’t even hear God!  This makes no sense.  So, I made good use of the jacuzzi tub, and enjoyed a hot bubble bath.  As I was ‘bare before God’, if you will, and listening to “Here I Am to Worship”, by Strings of Worship, I ‘heard’ the whisper of God.

“Betsy, this is what it is about.”

The bubbles got bubblier, and the music got more poignant, the reason for my ‘mini retreat’ became even more clear.
Reconnect with my Friend…the friend of my wounded heart.


Just allowing God to love me…and actually feeling that love!

As I sat in Rebecca’s Bistro for breakfast, I jotted down a few thoughts about my super short stay – just being reflective.
The coffee was superb, and the raspberry stuffed French toast was delicious!

The morning was cool and crisp, and the birds where chirping.  This was definitely a time of refreshing!
pour out showers of blessing to refresh you…(Acts 3:19)

following God with reckless abandon…

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friend of a wounded heart

Jesus, He meets you where you are

Jesus, He heals your secret scars

All the love you’re longing for is

Jesus The friend of a wounded heart







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