divided loyalty

Do you try to please, honor, serve two things at one time?

Does your job rule you?  Are you determined to gain as much ‘stuff’ as you can?  Do you want the biggest, the lastest, the fastest, the most attractive, the best?  Do you think about your job all the time – the work, the people?

Are you so focused on change that you neglect the present and what is currently going on?

Does the future and what might happen consume your thoughts?

Your church – does it monopolize your time?

Does your day revolve around your spouse or your friends?

Have you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions?  If so, aren’t you trying to serve two things at one time?

Where does your loyalty lie?

I am afraid, that if we are honest with ourselves and with God, we will more times than not have to say that we have divided loyalty when it comes to service to God.

Although we intend for God to always be first, we allow other things to crowd into our intentions and ultimately take priority.  But, we cannot have it both ways.  We cannot serve both God and _______.  (fill in the blank)

We are called to be free! (Galatians 5:13)

…free from and free to.

Free from the things that hold us captive, and free to serve, to love, to be devoted to God.

We cannot be held captive by one thing (serve it) and serve God at the same time.  It is no possible, nor is it God’s plan for us.  He wants all of who we are, not just the parts we want to give Him.  It is a defining moment, my friends, when the Spirit speaks this truth.  As I read this morning, it is a cold shower of truth (Lipstick Makes Everything Better, Arden Elizabeth).

Let’s strive to please only God.  Listen to the Holy Spirit’s nudging and be obedient.  It truly is liberating!




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