the healing hand of God

Growing up in the church, I have often – more times than not – heard prayers asking for a miracle.  I have prayed those prayers myself.

This thought occurred to me the other day…I wonder if we want things in our lives to be rotten as a kind of test for God to see if He really is Who He says He is.  As His children, we are not guaranteed a ‘rainbow and roses’ kind of life all of the time.  Times get tough.  Tragedy strikes.  We get stressed and discouraged.  We wonder ‘why God is allowing’ this to happen.

We are fickle people.  We know that trouble will come…that, my friends, is a guarantee.  “In this world, you will be plagued with times of trouble…” (John 16:33, the Voice).  And yet, we have, I have, the audacity to ask the Creator of the universe why?  We tell our friends and neighbors that God is in control, that He’s got this, and yet when trouble comes our way, my way, I immediately want God to wave His wand and make it disappear or at the very least fix it.  And then, when He doesn’t “perform” the way I think the He should, then I question Him, my own faith, what I did or didn’t do correctly…

We look for the ‘big’ miracles.  God worked a pretty big miracle in my own life.  But, the danger comes when we are looking for the ‘big ones’ and miss the everyday miracles that are happening all the time.  Maybe we don’t see them as miraculous.  It’s a miracle when we put God first and ourselves last.  It’s a miracle when we are truly servants of God, fully committed to Him.  It’s a miracle when we are awake in the wee hours of the morning to pray for someone that God lays on our heart.  It’s a miracle when we live out of the power that God has given us – of love, of self-discipline.  It’s a miracle when our kids are good listeners.

Do we miss the miracles – the everyday miracles?  Do we just want the ‘big ones’?  Are we in a way testing God to see if He really is Who He says He is?

If we call ourselves Christians, if we have a relationship with God…that, my friends, is a miracle.  So, we are all recepients of the miraculous power of God, of the healing hand of God.

And yes…God works the ‘big ones’ too, and not just for the ‘super-spiritual’.  But, when we are constantly expecting the big one and neglect to be thankful for the everyday miracles, are we really being who God has called us to be?

We seek God’s healing all of the time.  We pray earnestly for it.  Sometimes it comes how we have pictured it, but when it doesn’t, does that mean that God hasn’t worked healing in that situation, a miracle?  Haven’t we all witnessed the healing hand of God in our own lives?

I have witnessned the healing hand of God…in my own life, in the lives of others, and today, in my mom.  After prolonged stomach pain and weight loss, and decreased appetite, the tests today showed nothing!! Praise God!  Even if this is not the end of her pain and discomfort, the healing hand of God was at work.

Cast all your cares on Him for He cares for you

He’s near to the broken and confused

By His stripes our spirit is renewed

So enter in the joy prepared for you – Jeremy Camp, Healing Hand of God



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  1. karocks836
    Jan 16, 2012 @ 13:17:41

    a walking miracle, she is, that mom of yours! praising God with you!!


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