what are you waiting for?

Well, what are you waiting for?

payday?  the weekend?  the kids to leave the house?  things to be ‘right’ in your home?  things to be ‘right’ in your life?  someone else to ‘get it’?  your birthday?  a night out with your best friend?  a new job?  the fog to lift?

How are you waiting?

with conviction?  with contemplation?  with apprehension?  with sadness?  with a sense of impending doom?  with the feeling that ‘nothing’s ever going to change?

with hope?

Are you waiting with confident expectation that only comes from the grace and power of God?

This advent season, the time when we celebrate the waiting for and arrival of Jesus, are we waiting in and with hope?  Hope that Jesus has made it possible for our lives to be radically different, for our situations to be radically different…

How does that happen, Betsy?  Really, Jesus can come in and make things different for me?


When we hope in Jesus, we tap into the power that only God can give…the infinite, undeserved, unearnable, unleashing, miraculous power.   Hope that turns expectation into mystery.

Trusting in Jesus, in that mystery of hope, frees us from the chains that keep us locked up in the prison of the past, the shackles of ourselves, the pits of our present.  The choice is ours.

So, as we inevitably wait, is our choice to put our faith and trust in the Hope-Giver, or in something else that robs our peace?

What are you waiting for?



1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. karocks836
    Feb 22, 2012 @ 22:03:11

    confident expectation. i.love.that.


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